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We Are Arete Venture Capital

An exclusive by invite only private group for qualified high net worth individuals who are committed to their investments.

Technology Investments

Emerging growth technology investments

Arete manages private seed or Series A investments in emerging growth technology companies in the areas of SaaS, Marketplaces, and Mining Tech.

Real Estate Investment

Acquisition, development, & construction

We specialize in land assembly, development, and construction of luxury detached homes, multifamily and mix-use, and low and mid-rise condos.

Commercial Investments

Fund, secured, commerce investments

Low and medium rink security investments in mortgage investment funds, online stores, and small businesses.

Exclusive Network & Profitable Investments

More than investment management. A prestigious, by invite only member investors network.

We Are Always Ahead

Our investments grow your money

Our current asset under management: $100M. The team has $500M worth of project experience.
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