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We Are Arete Venture Capital

We invest in companies to help them scale and become market the leaders they deserve to be.

Technology Investments

Investing In The Latest Tech
Emerging growth technology investments
Arete invests in private seed or Series A startups in emerging growth technology companies in the areas of SaaS, Marketplaces, and Mining Tech.

Real Estate Investments

Development And Construction Projects
Acquisition, holding, development, and construction
We specialize in funding land assembly, development, and construction projects of luxury detached homes, multifamily and mix-use, and low and mid-rise condos.

Commercial Investments

Investing In Commercial Opportunities
Fund, secured, commerce investments
Offering capital to low and medium rink security investments in mortgage investment funds, online stores, and small businesses.

Accessible And Profitable Investment Capital

We bring forward years of investment and operating experience within Canadian companies.

We Are Always Ahead

Our investments grow your business

The team has $500M worth of project experience.
Million Dollars
Past Project Experience

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